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Six Ways to Attract Luck in the New Year

Posted by Judy on Dec 20th 2018

Bluebird New Year Card

For thousands of years people have welcomed the New Year with rituals to attract good fortune. Here are six:

1. Kiss those near and dear to you at midnight. It ensures that the relationships will flourish during the year ahead. Failing to kiss your significant others at the stroke of twelve would be to risk a year of coldness.

2. Make plenty of noise. You're not just celebrating, you're scaring away evil spirits, who are thought to pass through with the departing of the old year. According to many traditions, evil spirits hate loud noise and music.

3. Fill your pantry and refrigerator and place money in every wallet in the house. Stocking up encourages prosperity throughout the year.

4. Let the Old Year out. Open your doors at midnight to help the Old Year find his way out and allow the New Year to come in.

5. Send nothing out of the house. According to many beliefs, nothing, not even trash, should leave the house on the first day of the year. If you must carry something out, be sure to bring something else in first, preferably a coin or lucky item tied to a string that can be pulled in across the threshold.

6. Eat foods to attract good luck. Black-eyed peas are said to attract general good luck and financial good fortune. Other lucky foods are lentils, cornbread, pork and herring. Conversely, chicken or turkey are to be avoided since they scratch in the dirt for their dinner and might doom diners to do the same (that is, bring poverty on themselves).