The Upside to Holiday Downtime

Posted by Judy on Dec 18th 2018

When December hits at the office, ‘tis the season to catch up! Sure, there’s plenty going on — office parties, family gatherings and shopping come to mind — but depending on your industry, the workload may temporarily pause. The good news? There’s time to put in place some productivity boosters like these:

Tame your inbox: Is your inbox a never-ending catchall? Take the time to sort through existing emails to either file or move to the trash bin. Set up folders and colored labels to organize your incoming emails. If you have unopened emails that have been sitting in your inbox for a month, it’s time to delete them, too.

Start a new calendar: Paper or digital or a combination of both, break out a fresh calendar to stay on top of your plans. Record appointments and meetings for the coming year, and schedule meetings you want to hold once everyone is back in the office.

Learn a new job skill: Have you always wanted to learn basic coding, grow your photo editing skillset or become more proficient at Excel? Use the time to sit in on a webinar or online course. At the very least, you can check out upcoming 2019 courses or professional conferences and register in advance.

Automate daily to-dos: If you haven’t already, get familiar with the various automation options out there to help boost your productivity year-round. For example, if you handle your company’s social media accounts or email marketing, there are programs and apps that can schedule your posts and emails months ahead of time.

Reconnect: It’s the time of year to get in touch! Reach out to clients and former customers you haven’t connected with in a while. Send a warm holiday greeting to remind them that they’re still important to you.