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Our Story

CroninCards began in 2006 when founder Judy Cronin couldn’t find the right holiday cards for her clients to send. A small business marketing consultant, she had always encouraged clients to keep in regular touch with their customers, and the holidays were an important time. But most holiday cards were tied to the Christmas season, and they weren’t always appropriate.

A comment from a friend inspired a line of New Year’s cards, not just cards with fireworks or champagne on them, but cards that spoke to the universal desire to wish friends and colleagues good fortune in the year ahead. The cards featured interesting imagery and inspirational quotes from men and women in the arts and sciences. They were so well-accepted that they formed the basis for a new card line designed with small businesses in mind.

The line has since expanded to include cards for occasions and holidays throughout the year, and a collection of quotation cards. The CroninCards philosophy is simple: There is a huge personal component to business relationships, and businesses deserve products that will help strengthen those relationships.

CroninCards are designed to strike the right balance between the personal and the professional, to convey warmth without getting too personal, to be appropriate for either women or men. A long-time customer describes the cards as “warm but not too fuzzy”.

As a woman-owned small business, CroninCards is committed to making products in the USA, and staying close to the customers who continue to be a source of ideas and inspiration.