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Halloween: A Forecast for Fun

Posted by Judy on Oct 1st 2021

Halloween Card - Pumpkin Patch

It’s becoming one of America’s favorite holidays, and this year consumers are more ready than ever to enjoy themselves. The National Retail Federation predicts an all-time high of $10.14 billion to be spent on the celebration. Here’s the breakdown.

$3.32 billion on costumes: 46% of consumers plan to buy or make a costume. Spending on costumes is projected to be the highest since 2017. Dressing up as someone else is fun, pets are cute in costumes, and babies are even cuter. Expect to see lots of super-adorable moments on social media.

$3.17 billion on decorations: 52% of consumers plan to decorate their houses and yards. “Go big” is a major theme. Last year’s 12-foot skeleton is back, so is the skeleton dog, and a new inferno pumpkin skeleton. The skeleton proved so popular last year that some folks kept it around and dressed it up for subsequent holidays.

$3.00 billion on candy: 66% of consumers plan to hand out candy. They also plan to enjoy lots of it themselves, with 80% of parents saying they will treat themselves to some of the kids’ Halloween candy. And why not indulge a little? There’s no big holiday meal to prepare or consume, so that leaves a little extra room for some chocolate.

$ 0.66 billion on greeting cards: A Halloween card is a non-scary, non-fattening way to reach out to colleagues and friends and send a little seasonal fun.