How to Write A Great Employee Thank You Note

Posted by Judy on Oct 30th 2018

A handwritten thank-you note says more than any text, email or Facebook post ever can. It sends the message that you went out of your way to sit down and write a personal note, just for the recipient. But you still want to ensure that what you write inside of it quickly and thoughtfully expresses your thanks. Follow these tips to craft the perfect thank-you note to your employees, clients or colleagues.

  • Don’t start off on the wrong foot. Be sure to use the correct spelling and form of the person’s name.
  • Get right into it. Begin with the two most important words: Thank you. You may also use a similar opening like “It made my day when…” or “I’m so grateful…”
  • Be specific. Tell them exactly how their hard work, commitment or skill helped to make an impact. It shows them why you appreciate them.
  • Look ahead. Talk about an upcoming project you look forward to partnering on or a future conference you hope to see them at.
  • Thank them again. Restate your thanks in a different way. “I really appreciate your hard work” or “Thanks again for working late all those nights.”
  • Sign off. In the business world, “Sincerely” or “Many thanks” are acceptable options for a thank-you card.

Most importantly, try to think about what you’d say in person and be sure that translates in the card. Who doesn’t love to read a sincere message of appreciation?