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Interactions That Count: Making the Most of Every Customer Touch Point

Posted by Judy on Jun 2nd 2018

Every touchpoint with a client or customer is an opportunity to communicate who you are and what you’re all about. That’s why it’s important to create a consistent feel and experience throughout each connection — even beyond the phone call or email. When it comes to making a connection, don’t ignore the following touchpoints.

Website: Your website is the modern-day storefront. It’s usually the first interaction that anyone has with your company. It should give each visitor the information they need quickly and clearly without a lot of digging around. It’s also a platform to answer their questions, entertain their needs and satisfy their purchasing decisions.

Social media: Social media adds a more human element to your business. It helps customers and clients evaluate your company and identify with your culture. But remember, it’s only effective if your pages are regularly monitored and updated.

Customer service: Customer service is all about how you respond. With the right approach, you can convert a new purchaser into a life-long, loyal customer. But with the wrong approach, you can scare away a potential lead and send them running to your nearest competitor. If a buyer reaches out for more information or to have an issue resolved, this is your chance to change or reaffirm their opinion of your company.

Invoicing: While no one gets particularly excited over receiving a bill, you can make it a positive experience by making sure your invoices are clear, accurate and easy to read. Be sure to provide a range of payment options for your buyers’ convenience.

Partner touchpoints: Does your company sell products through a third-party vendor or distributor? As an extension of your company, make sure they’re in the loop regarding the content and messaging you use for your sales pitch. Provide them with the adequate training and support to help maintain brand consistency and avoid damaging the reputation you’ve worked so hard to earn.

An amicable parting: Inevitably, you’ll part ways with some customers and clients, no matter what you do. There’s always a chance they’ll return one day — and that’s largely dependent on how they were treated during the cancellation process. Make it a point to treat all customers well, even those on their way out the door.