Six Ways to Show Client Appreciation

Posted by Judy on Mar 18th 2018

You've worked hard to gain loyal clients - now keep them by showing them they're valued. Of course, you can always mail a card. Include a note that's handwritten, specific and personal. Taking the time shows clients that you appreciate their business. Here are more ideas to show client appreciation throughout the year:

1. Schedule face time. (And we don't mean via your iPhone.) Plan lunch at a local restaurant or order in at your client's office, inviting the whole team. Go out of your way to meet people and listen to their pain points, helping improve your product or service.

2. Give the occasional friendly phone call. There doesn't need be an ulterior motive or upselling opportunity. Ask how their first quarter is going, or inquire about a specific initiative they've mentioned. Simple yet meaningful conversations are the ones your clients are always happy to have.

3. Send a treat. Who doesn't love receiving a box of chocolates, a fresh fruit tray or a cookie spread at the office? Show gratitude in a way that's guaranteed to be liked by most.

4. Offer a discount. It's the perfect way to say thank you, while giving back at the same time. Consider creating a customized code or tailoring discounts specific to the client's buying behavior.

5. Publicly recognize clients on social media. Use your corporate accounts to give your clients a shout out and share why your business appreciates them. And don't forget to tag them!

6. Send business their way. They support your business, so support theirs with referrals as often as possible.