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The Key to Work Life Balance: Protecting Your Time

Posted by Judy on Sep 30th 2018

We’re all given the same 24 hours each day. So why does it seem that many people accomplish so much more? It’s likely that they’re more protective about how they spend those hours. By taking a proactive approach to scheduling and improving your ability to spot and eliminate potential time-wasters, you can begin to regain control over everyone’s most valuable business asset — time. Try these three tactics to get started:

1. Host regular office hours. An open-door policy is great — until it isn’t. If you find yourself bombarded with employees’ non-urgent interruptions, consider instituting daily “office hours” in which staff are free to stop by with thoughts or questions.

2. Hone your delegating skills. It’s the curse of the small business owner: “Nobody can do this except me.” Or, “By the time I explain it, I could be done doing it myself.” That’s the highway to failure. Invest in the necessary training for your staff so you can delegate with confidence.

3. Find your power hours. Everyone has a time of the day when they’re sharpest and most productive. Identify yours, and fill those hours with prescheduled 60-minute appointments with yourself to complete important business development projects uninterrupted.

By becoming more protective of your day’s 24 hours, you’re likely to find you’re getting more done than you ever thought possible