Work Appropriate Birthday Celebration Tips

Posted by Judy on Apr 25th 2018

Acknowledging personal milestones like employee birthdays is a simple yet effective way to show your appreciation and boost workforce morale. The next time an employee's birthday rolls around, keep these ideas in mind for an appropriate workplace celebration.

Shine the spotlight: Don't let an employee birthday fly under the radar. Send out a monthly internal email recognizing those celebrating, or include birthdays in your company newsletter. It's also a great opportunity for the whole team to learn more about a colleague by including an employee profile or a fun fact they'd like to share.

Bring on the food: Who doesn't love an excuse to snack? You don't have be extravagant and order a custom seven-layer cake, but bring in some bagels, cookies or candy that employees can share throughout the day. Be sure to ask your team for some input on what the employee likes. If time and budget permits, you may opt to take the employee or team out for a celebratory lunch instead.

Decorate their workspace: This is an opportunity to have some fun and get creative. Fill their cubicle with balloons. Wrap their chair in colorful streamers. Taking the time to make a birthday festive shows employees they're valued.

Offer a day off: Birthdays are special celebrations, so truly make the day theirs by giving them a day off. While you can't force an employee to stay home, it's a nice option to spend their birthday with family or take the day to recharge. Whatever the case, it's something that most employees would enjoy - and may likely take you up on.

Small gestures can have a big impact on employee productivity and retention. By incorporating these birthday ideas into your employee recognition program, you can help create a happier, more motivated workforce.