The Origin of April Fools' Day

Posted by Judy on Apr 1st 2020

The most common theory of the origin of April Fools' day holds that it dates from 1582, the year that France adopted the Greg
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National Handwriting Day

Posted by Judy on Jan 14th 2020

In 1977, as educators began to feel that the art of handwriting was beginning to disappear, the Writing Instrument Manufact
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How to Keep a New Year's Resolution

Posted by Judy on Dec 27th 2019

The coming of the New Year brings wishes for health, happiness, prosperity, and often a resolution to be a better version of
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Christmas in the City

Posted by Judy on Nov 24th 2019

Christmas in New York City officially begins December 4th this year when the 45,000 energy-saving LED lights on the Rockefel
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