Thanksgiving Turkey and Television

Posted by Judy on Nov 3rd 2019

Millions of people sit down to a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. Millions also watch television at some point during the day.
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National Book Lover's Day

Posted by Judy on Aug 9th 2019

A day for all those who love to read, August 9th is National Book Lover’s Day. It’s a day to be celebrated by finding a fa
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Winning the Office Temperature Wars

Posted by Judy on Jul 27th 2019

The hotter it gets, the more certain it becomes that your annual office thermostat wars will heat up. Why should you pay at
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Spring Quotes and Poems

Posted by Judy on Mar 20th 2019

There may be a big difference between the first day of spring and the first spring day, but that didn't dim the enthusiasm he
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