First US Valentine

Posted by Judy on Feb 8th 2019

In 1850, Esther Howland published the first Valentine’s Day cards in the US, running an ad in the Worcester, Massachusetts D
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Groundhog Day: Halfway to Spring

Posted by Judy on Jan 27th 2019

February’s Groundhog Day has something in common with May Day and Halloween. It is midway between two seasons, making it one
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Six Ways to Attract Luck in the New Year

Posted by Judy on Dec 20th 2018

For thousands of years people have welcomed the New Year with rituals to attract good fortune. Here are six:1. Kiss those nea
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The Upside to Holiday Downtime

Posted by Judy on Dec 18th 2018

When December hits at the office, ‘tis the season to catch up! Sure, there’s plenty going on — office parties, family gather
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Five Ways to Avoid Politics at Thanksgiving

Posted by Judy on Nov 1st 2018

We all know to stay away from discussions about sex, religion and politics at work. Here are five ways to help you extend t
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