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Everyday Expressions from Shakespeare

Posted by Judy on Apr 23rd 2022

Although his exact birth date is unknown, William Shakespeare was baptized on April 26th, 1564 at Stratford-upon-Avon. One o
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The Art of Letterpress

Posted by Judy on Apr 13th 2022

Pick up a letterpress card or print, and you will know right away that you are holding something special; the colors have an
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Churchill and Rhetoric

Posted by Judy on Apr 9th 2022

April 9th is Churchill Day in the US, celebrating the day in 1963 that Winston Churchill was named an honorary US citizen. He
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How to Write a Congratulations Note

Posted by Judy on Mar 22nd 2022

Recognition makes the occasion even sweeter. Sending a few words of congratulation is like putting a little bit of sunshine
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The Ides of March

Posted by Judy on Mar 15th 2022

The Roman calendar did not have the days of the month numbered sequentially, instead it divided the month into three segmen
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Happy Birthday to the Dime Store

Posted by Judy on Feb 23rd 2022

THE DIME STORE On February 22, 1879, F. W. Woolworth opened his first store in Utica, NY. That store failed, but his second
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