How to Write A Great Employee Thank You Note

Posted by Judy on Oct 30th 2018

A handwritten thank-you note says more than any text, email or Facebook post ever can. It sends the message that you went o
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Work Appropriate Birthday Celebration Tips

Posted by Judy on Apr 25th 2018

Acknowledging personal milestones like employee birthdays is a simple yet effective way to show your appreciation and boost w
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Six Ways to Show Client Appreciation

Posted by Judy on Mar 18th 2018

You've worked hard to gain loyal clients - now keep them by showing them they're valued. Of course, you can always mail a c
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Ten Toasts to Ring in the New Year

Posted by Judy on Dec 29th 2017

Here's to the year that has past, with its share of joy and sadness. And here's to the year to come, may it have a full mea
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