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Posted by Judy on Dec 13th 2021

When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but...A miniature sleigh, and eight tiny . . . caribou'Twas the night before Ch
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Goodbye BUtterfield 8

Posted by Judy on Nov 11th 2021

On November 10, 1951, the first long distance call was made without an operator's assistance. Mayor M. Leslie Downing of En
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Freedom of the Press Gets Its Start

Posted by Judy on Nov 6th 2021

On November 5, 1733, John Peter Zenger published the first issue of the New York Weekly Journal newspaper. It sparked a land
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Trick or Treat Etiquette Then and Now

Posted by Judy on Oct 25th 2021

A few years ago, a local supermarket chain was providing trick or treating tips on its paper grocery bags. The tips provided
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Halloween: A Forecast for Fun

Posted by Judy on Oct 2nd 2021

It’s becoming one of America’s favorite holidays, and this year consumers are more ready than ever to enjoy themselves. The
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The Harvest Moon

Posted by Judy on Sep 20th 2021

The full Moon that occurs nearest to the autumnal equinox is has long been called the Harvest Moon because of its relations
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