How to Get Inspired to Write Holiday Cards

Posted by Judy on Oct 29th 2017

Even the most organized among us may find it challenging to get in the holiday spirit while the sun is shining and there ar
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Days to Celebrate

Posted by Judy on Jan 29th 2017

With so many days to celebrate throughout the year, there's no need to wait for an official holiday. Here's a list of notewor
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How to Address an Envelope

Posted by Judy on Dec 22nd 2016

List the recipient's name, the company name, street address or PO Box, and city/state/ZIP code on separate line
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Ten Quotes and Toasts for Thanksgiving

Posted by Judy on Oct 30th 2016

The season is about more than turkey or stuffing. In keeping with the theme of gratitude, here are sayings suitable for quo
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